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What you need

The interview

You'll go a long way to getting that dream job by preparing well for an interview.

Research will set you apart from the rest

Show you are resourceful and enthusiastic by researching the centre, gaining a general, yet broad understanding of the services offered and philosophy adopted.

While researching the centre you are also looking for specific information relating to the role you are pursuing, as this can provide a great insight to the context of the interview. Prepare questions for the interview that you believe are relevant and demonstrate that you have performed appropriate research on the company.

You never have a second chance to make a first impression

You should arrive at the interview approximately ten minutes before your scheduled appointment. You should always dress conservatively and appropriately for the role. When it comes time to meet the interviewer you must address them politely and by their correct title.

Listening is the best tool during the interview

Be composed, listen to the questions and answer them with confidence - directly and to the point. If you did not clearly hear the question in full, ask the interviewer to repeat the question.

Body language is important and the interviewer will be noting your posture, position and eye contact. Endeavour to remain confident at all times even if the interview doesn’t seem to be going well.

If you are given the opportunity to ask questions, this is where your preparation will pay off. Ask only critical and intelligent questions and attempt to leave on a good note. At the end of the interview thank everyone for their time.

Let us know how you go

After the interview contact Expect A Star to let us know how you went and to discuss any of your concerns about the role.

What's the word on the street?

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