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Newborn carers - frequently asked questions

Why should I organise a newborn carer?

Our newborn carers can provide invaluable support, guidance and information on caring for your newborn and recuperating after giving birth. They are especially beneficial to first time parents and those who do not have the support of external family members. Many of our clients also use the service just to ensure that they can get a few nights rest, ensuring that they are well rested after a much needed full night sleep. They can also help you establish excellent sleeping and feeding routines, ensuring that your baby is settled in the right routine from the very beginning.

What hours do the newborn carers work?

Our minimum booking is 4 hours and this can be at anytime during the day. An overnight booking can be between 8-12 hours, with a typical shift starting at 7pm and finishing at 7am. This is flexible and can be arranged to suit your individual families needs.

How much does it cost to have a newborn carer?

We charge a flat rate of $45p/h including GST. There are no hidden costs; we don’t charge registration, subscription or booking fees. We pay the maternity nanny on your behalf; including payment of tax, superannuation and insurance.

What's the word on the street?

It was a pleasure working with you. I will have no hesitation recommending you to family and friends for your highly professional service and warm approach.

~ P. Patkar, Father, Coogee

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